What sets us apart

Through AI, world-class data, and clinical expertise, we will propel cancer care with more powerful and efficient tools for diagnosis, treatment selection and drug development

Artificial Intelligence

At the heart of Paige are large-scale machine learning algorithms that are trained at petabyte-scale from tens of thousands of digital slides. We are developing novel deep learning algorithms based on convolutional and recurrent neural networks as well as generative models that are able to learn efficiently from an unprecedented wealth of visual and clinical data.

Digitized slides paired with clinical notes and machine learning algorithms will enable pathologists to reach diagnoses faster and more accurately.


Medical AI at an unprecedented scale

Paige has a comprehensive license with MSK and exclusive rights to their library of 25 million pathology slides — one of the largest tumor pathology archives. Paige plans to build on to MSK's efforts and digitize millions of archived slides. This digital treasure, along with anonymized clinical data, allows us to train models at scale, and uncover new connections between Pathology, genomics, treatment response, and patient outcomes

Clinical Expertise

Our system has been designed in partnership with clinical experts, to address the needs of pathologists, their teams, and their institutions. Our viewer is scanner-neutral and offers a modern user interface tuned for productivity and improved throughput.​

Drug Development

Paige offers custom solutions for drug development teams: from pre-clinical modules to automated pathology analysis for clinical trials, and biomarker development, we are creating new possibilities to expedite and better inform teams bringing new therapeutics to the market.

What's happening at Paige?

Learn about our technology and how Paige is revolutionizing pathology.

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